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Welcome to my website for couple therapy Berlin,

I would like to support you, if you together have the feeling of being stuck somehow into partnership issues. I would like to invite you here to reflect on your situation, in an open minded, solution-focused atmosphere.

Please get informed here about my prices (scroll down), the place of my practice or my systemic approach (links still in German) – …or just take a relaxed look around here.

If you otherwise like to make an appointment straight first, please just call +49 176 4333 2635 (smartphone: simply hit the call button).

Systemic approach?

I believe that the question „Who am I in relationships?“ is fundamental. Whether in professional relationships, friendships, partnerships or family circles.

When things get tough or really emotionally for us, we sometimes show parts of our character that kind of deviate from our self-ideal. I’m hereby not thinking of big marital quarrels, but of conflicts that can simply arise in interactions and our partnership, from time to time – and that trigger our emotions. And we start to activate behavioural strategies here, that we might wonder about, if we could see ourselves in a film clip of that scene or moment, afterwards. We behave something like „winy“ or „cold“, become a „smart aleck“ or get „childish“. Everyone has own behavioural strategies in emotional conflicts.

So, I think it is always valuable and helpful to find out „who we are“ – in relationships. It is like a key to ourselves. (Some)One triggers something that is within us – no matter how smart or stupid the „triggerer“ appear in outside world’s contexts. Right?

Dealing with / Avoiding Conflicts

paartherapie termin erfolgNow, we could all simply part, as soon as it becomes somehow difficult or uncomfortable for us. Actually, this happens here and there. The point I would like to make now is: Nowhere else we do have such a big opportunity for our own personal development, than in a relationship. If we split up, well, we might find those chances elsewhere.

I would like to invite you now to work together, in a open-minded and open-hearted setting. In my work, I am following a solution-oriented approach (more about it here, in German), and follow herein the concept of systemic psychotherapy.

Couple Therapy Berlin – on weekends

I offer you therapy & coaching sessions for good development. A simple summary.

The session should have 80mins duration, which costs €150.- on saturdays, and takes place in my practice in Berlin Mitte until latest 16h.

(Link leads you to Google Maps. Caution: own private policies for Google).

Would you like an appointment? Or do you have any questions? Then please simply contact me.

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